Former Undergraduate Students Involved in NanoTEC Research




Janet Cortes joined the group in Fall 2015. Her research was focused on developing phase change composite materials.



Yuan (Emily) Feng joined the group in Summer 2015. Her research was focused on developing phase change composite materials.

Daniel LeBourdais joined the group in Summer 2016. His research was focused on modeling and testing solid-state thermoelectric heat pump systems.

Kevin Guo joined the group in Spring 2016. His project was focused on designing an adjustable table attached with a dessicant chamber.

Robin Lartin Drake  joined the group in Spring 2015. His project was focused on silicon thin film thermopile calibration.

Richard Williams  joined the group in Fall 2014. His project was focused on designing an environmental chamber.

Jonathan Harrison (photothermoelectric and scanning probe techniques)    


Will Smythe (bulk and thin film thermoelectric properties characterization)


John Hutchison (nanofluids boling)


Wataru Sano (nanofluids boling)


Doug Koeller (thermoelectrics)


Steve Lamica (thermoelectrics)


Tony Peto (nanofluids conduction)


Matthew Harvazinski (thermoelectrics)


Rok Buckley (thermoelectrics)


Leonard Laroque (electrowetting)

Nicholas Lawrence (nanocomposites)


Alexander Angilella (nanothermoelectrics)


Jordan Lustig (nanothermoelectrics)


Emmanuel Sachdeva (nanothermoelectrics)


Tanzim Imam (thermal interfaces)


Kevin Volkmar (thermal interfaces)


Julienne LaChance (nanofluids critical heat flux)

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Alican Ulke was born in Istanbul, Turkey in 1985. In Fall 2006 was a Junior Mechanical Engineer at RPI, with a concentration on System Design.


Edward Rebaza


Yin Lin

Justin R. Wang

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Daniel Tsang


Description: C:\..\..\..\program files\qualcomm\eudora\attach\P1030547a.JPGHao Ming Huang (Andrew)


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Erin Dunbar




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Dekong Zeng    




Joshua Phelps-Ciccoricco


Zhi Yi Huang (Anthony)


Muhammad Munir Zanial

Raimi Ishikawa    


Yann Le Bon Received a Master of Thermal Physics at University of Franche-Comte, France in 1999, Master of Mechanics at University of Poitiers, France in 2000 before coming to Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in 2001 to complete the last year project of ENSMA (Mechanics and Aeronautics School of Engineering). The subject of this research project was the "Thermal and electrical properties characterization of micro and nanostructures", it was the first project in the lab. Since 2002, he works at PACKINOX in Chalon sur Saone, France as an Engineer for Thermal and Hydraulic calculations in the Design Department.




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Claire Nanot







Thomas Pelletier